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Tested by CSIRO
Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) 40

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Manually operated Roller

Our manually operated roller shutters are cost effective; they require no motors, no electricity and act as extremely environmentally friendly shutters protecting your business or residential property. Manually operated roller shutters, are balanced with a counter weight for easy operation, you can push them up easily.

Our manual roller shutters can be installed at shops with open fronts and arcade stalls.  Simple assisted versions allow the roller shutter to be pushed up -pulled down quickly and easily. We generally utilize crank handles for the shutters that are somewhat large or high. And we use the following options for locking them:

  • Bullet locks: These are positioned on the channels; they go right through the shutter on to a centre lock that sends two lock bars in a sideway direction all the way through the channels.
  • Chain keeps: A chain keep is used for the chain operated roller shutters


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